Types of Gutters to Consider for Your Home

When choosing a gutter for your home, there are several factors to consider. These factors include the type, cost, and durability of the material. If you live in a more storm-prone area, you may want to invest in a more durable material. Also, homes with steeper pitches may require a more expensive and durable gutter than homes with flatter roofs. The type of gutter you choose is essential to the overall success of your home. Read on to learn more:

Aluminum is the most popular type of gutter

Aluminum is one of the most popular types of gutter for your home. It is durable and lightweight and available in a wide range of colors. Another popular type is the LeafGuard gutter, which is 20% thicker than the industry standard. This type of gutter offers more protection against harsh weather.


Another common type of gutter for your home is steel. Steel gutters are durable, but they need regular maintenance to avoid rusting. You should ideally have them professionally installed so that they are in good condition.

You can also buy gutter guards and mesh screens with an aluminum hood to prevent clogging. Debris barriers and gutter cleaning tools are helpful for removing clogs. Other gutter accessories include rain chains, which are useful for houses with deep overhangs. You can also get downspout brackets that are decorative.

Steel is durable

Steel gutters are one of the most common materials for roof gutters. They are incredibly durable and offer many benefits over aluminum gutters. For example, steel gutters are strong and flexible, making them easy to install. These metals can also be galvanized for better protection against rust. Copper gutters are another great option, but they are more expensive and can be stolen.

Steel gutters are also available as seamless systems, making them less likely to rust. They also won’t expand or contract as much as aluminum gutters do. Unlike aluminum, steel gutters require little maintenance and can withstand heavy snowfall and ice.

Copper is a luxury option

Copper is a luxury option for gutters and can add significant value to your home. These gutters are durable and look elegant. In addition, copper gutters can add curb appeal to your home, which is important if you plan to sell it in the future. Copper gutters can also form a beautiful patina over time.

copper gutters

If you choose copper gutters, they should be installed according to the manufacturer’s specifications. You will need to install three to five downspouts, diverting rainwater from your gutters away from your home. Copper downspouts can be round or rectangular, and you can also get decorative downspouts.

Mesh screens are a good option

One popular option for gutter protection is mesh screens. These screens are typically made of aluminum or plastic mesh and help keep larger debris and seeds from getting into your gutters. These screens can be installed by the homeowner or by a professional gutter guard installer. They fit over the gutter, allowing the rain to pass through but catching large pieces of debris. However, some plastic mesh screens may not be durable and may blow off your gutter in strong winds.

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